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Mediate ASAP is an alternative dispute resolution company that provides conflict mediation services throughout the U.S., Canada and abroad. Although we are based in Florida, we are ready to mediate conflicts anywhere in the world. We are mediators without borders.

The key element to successful mediation is creative communication. Using resources of our sister company Artra International Corp. enables us to be multi-lingual and multi-cultural thus provide excellent mediation services not only in English, but in fifty foreign languages. We understand the nuances of different cultures and can achieve effective mediation results through better understanding of participant’s customs and origins. In fact, we offer translation and interpreting services so that we can be assured our mediations are fully understood.

In addition, our team offers a wealth of knowledge – we specialize in over 25 different areas due to our wide and diverse staff base. One of the most important mediation services we offer now is Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation. Unfortunately, the economic downturn has resulted in some hard times for individuals and families. Utilizing creative techniques in Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation process we have helped many homeowners to prevent foreclosures of their properties through finding the finite solutions acceptable to both Borrowers and Lenders.

The neutrals at Mediate ASAP are certified by the Supreme Court and are truly dedicated to assisting the legal and business communities in their efforts to resolve disputes in both an expeditious and cost-effective manner. Through our fair and impartial negotiation process, we are certain that our clients will have positive feelings about the conflict resolution process. Our goal is always a “win-win.”

Thank you for visiting our website. Please take your time and browse through it to educate yourself. You can quickly search the availability of mediators in your geographical region, select case expertise and languages spoken by our mediators. It is your and opposing party choice and decision to appoint the mediator you both trust and feel comfortable with. You can even check mediators' availability dates online.

This website expedites the selection and scheduling process for law firms and individuals who require the services of mediators on an “AS SOON AS POSSIBLE” basis.

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Tel: 305-931-4333



Tel: 305-931-4333



Tel: 305-931-4333


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